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    Ice Cream Machinery Manufacturer in China

    Wuxi Danxiao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional ice cream machinery manufacturer based in China. With over ten years of experience in the field, we are able to offer a vast range of superior ice cream equipment, including ice cream extrusion production line, ice cream filling machine, freezing machine, stick ice cream production line, ice cream bar making machine, and more. Our products are primarily used for the continuous production of ice creams in a variety of shapes and flavors. Efficient and reliable, our machines are very popular with large and medium-sized ice cream companies.

    • Ice Cream Extrusion Line
    • SDA-980 Ice Cream Extrusion MachineOur SDA-980 ice cream extrusion machine adopts extrusion, forming, quick frozen and hardening performances. Our ice cream extrusion production line is equipped with computer control, touch screen operation and Germany Festo pneumatic parts.
    • Ice Cream Extrusion Line
    • DTB-880 Ice Cream Extrusion MachineOur DTB-880 ice cream extrusion machine line can perform complete production such as freezing extrusion, quick-frozen hardening, manipulator nipping, unloading and automatic packing process. It is ice cream extrusion tunnel line for making ice cream cone, double-layer ice cream. ...
    • XGJ-12 Ice Cream Production Line
    • XGJ-12 Ice Cream Production LineThis ice cream production line is idea for making frozen dairy desserts, and this kind of ice cream usually can be added with fruit, sugar, nuts and other food in it. Our XGJ-12 automatic and multifunctional color ice cream machine is equipped with cold source freezing system. ...
    • Ice Cream Freezing Machine
    • BNJ-300B Ice Cream Freezing MachineOur BNJ-300B ice cream freezing machine is ideal ice cream equipment for production large-scale soft ice creams. It is equipped with independent refrigeration system, adopts semi-closed refrigeration compressor, valves and other parts. ...
    • Ice Cream Freezing Machine
    • BNJ-1000 Ice Cream Freezing MachineOur BNJ-1000 ice cream freezing machine is a kind of continuous ice cream freezer with external cold source, which can be used for manual filling and large-scale automatic production lines. This ice cream freezing machine is equipped with simple bulking control system, efficient. ...
    • Ice Cream Filling Machine
    • BGJ-6A Ice Cream Filling MachineOur BGJ-6A multifunctional ice cream filling equipment is specially for making double color and triple color ice creams. Features intermittent-type linear movement, this ice cream filling machine line is mainly used in producing cone ice creams, cup ice creams. ...

    We consistently focus on improving product design and tirelessly work to keep our design concepts in pace with the world's leading ice cream machine manufacturers, like Tetra Pak Hoyer of Denmark and Gramme of Italy. We can not only produce our ice cream machines in bulk quantities, but we will also design and manufacture our products according to customers' specific requirements. For example, we can adjust the cooling capacity of our refrigeration system in accordance with user's local climate and change the configuration of our equipment to make installation trouble-free.

    Our goal is to provide customers with high quality ice cream machines. To achieve this, we make the majority of our machine parts using highly precise equipment, like CNC machine tools, CNC shearing machines, and CNC bending machines, and we use internationally recognized key components, such as Danfoss valves, Festo pneumatic components, Schenider electrical components, and Panasonic transducers and Mobrey liquid level controllers. This enables us to ensure the reliability, performance and durability of our ice cream making machines. In addition, we provide our workers with comprehensive training to continually improve their metal cutting, milling, welding and other skills, so as to guarantee flawless manufacturing operations. Moreover, all of our products undergo rigorous national quality and hygienic testing and only completely qualified ice cream extrusion machines, ice cream filling machines and freezing machines are delivered to our global customers.

    To assist customers in purchasing and using our ice cream machines, we provide complete services, including product design, selection, installation, commissioning and operator training. In addition, we offer a 12-month warranty on our ice cream equipment, during which we supply replacement parts (except wearing parts) and maintenance service, free of charge.

    Danxiao welcome international ice cream machine purchasers and agents to visit and to partner with us!