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    Ice Cream Extrusion Line

    Ice Cream Extrusion Machine


    Our SDA-600 ice cream extrusion machine is a kind of ice cream extrusion tunnel with extrusion forming, quick freezing and hardening features. SDA-600 ice cream extrusion line is suitable for large-scale production of extrusion large and medium sized ice creams. Our ice cream extrusion machine can be used for producing cone ice cream, double-layer ice cream, strip ice cream and special-shaped ice creams.

    Main Technical Parameters

    No. Parameters of SDA-600 Ice Cream Extrusion Machine Unit SDA600
    1 Production Capacity For special-shaped ice cream: (55-60g) Piece/min 80
    For cone ice cream: (50-60g) 50
    2 Ice-cream material feeding temperature Below -4℃
    3 Ice-cream discharging temperature Below -22℃
    4 Refrigerating capacity (+30℃/-30℃ R404A) Kw (Kcal/h) 75 (64500)
    5 Water consumption (water temperature: 8-20℃) T/h About 20
    6 Installed power capacity (defrosting heater power is not included) Kw About 80
    7 Power supply
    8 Total weight T About 10
    9 Floor area (L×W) mm 9200 X6500
    10 Quick-frozen Tunnel Working temperature (Ambient temperature 25℃) Below -40℃ ( thermometer value)
    Refrigerating capacity (+30℃/-30℃ R404A) Kw (Kcal/h) 2X29 (2X25000)
    Transport tray number piece 500
    Installed power capacity (defrosting heater power is not included) Kw About 55
    Defrosting heater power Kw 35.8
    Air consumption L/min About 90
    Water consumption (water temperature: 8-20℃) T/h About 18
    Weight T About 8
    Dimension(LXWXH) mm 8500X2500X2880
    11 Freezer Production capacity L/h 300 (adjustable)
    Refrigerating capacity (+30℃/-30℃ R404A) Kw (Kcal/h) 8.5 (7300)
    Feeding temperature +4℃
    Discharging temperature -4℃
    Expansion rate
    100% (adjustable)
    Water consumption T/h About 1
    Power Kw 9.5
    Weight T 0.5
    Dimension(LXWXH) mm 1250X800X1600
    12 Wrapping machine Production capacity Piece/min 90
    Power Kw 5.5
    Weight T 0.6
    Dimension(LXWXH) mm 3600X1900X2000
    13 Other Stick size (LXWXH) mm 95×10×2
    Cone size (cone large end dia. X L) mm Φ54×125
    Material of wrapping paper
    Composite membrane
    Width of wrapping paper mm 230
    Recommended air compressor displacement m/min 0.6-0.9

    Danxiao is a professional ice cream extrusion line manufacturer in China. Apart from ice cream extrusion production line, we also offer ice cream freezing machine, bar ice cream making machine, ice cream filling machine, etc.

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