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    Home » Products » Ice Cream Extrusion Machine » DTB-880 Ice Cream Extrusion Machine
    Ice Cream Extrusion Line

    Ice Cream Extrusion Machine

    Our DTB-880 ice cream extrusion machine line can perform complete production such as freezing extrusion, quick-frozen hardening, manipulator nipping, unloading and automatic packing process. It is ice cream extrusion tunnel line for making ice cream cone, double-layer ice cream, and ice cream cakes. It is a kind of large productivity ice cream extrusion line is idea for large-scale production of ice creams for large and medium sized companies.

    Main Technical Parameters

    No Parameters of DTB-880 Ice Cream Extrusion Machine Unit Value
    1 Production capacity Stick sheet ice cream: 55-65g Single cutting device piece/min 120
    Double cutting device 120×2
    2 Ice-cream material feeding temperature Below -4℃
    3 Ice-cream discharging temperature Below -22℃
    4 Tray Speed Tray /min 15--45
    Standard tray dimension(L×W) mm 350×246
    Number piece 808
    4 Transport chain Pitch mm 62.5
    Length piece 3180
    5 Power supply Voltage V 380
    Frequency Hz 50
    Power Main drive device Kw 4
    Cold air blower 3×8
    Cutting motor 0.18×2
    Manipulator 1.1×2
    Total power 30
    6 Refrigeration system Cooling capacity Kw 180
    Evaporator heat transfer area m2 2×500
    Evaporator suction temperature ≤-45
    Tunnel working temperature (Ambient temperature25℃) Below -40℃ (thermometer value)
    Refrigerant R717
    Defrosting type Water
    Defrosting water consumption m3/h 2×16
    Defrosting temperature < 25
    Volume m3/h 2×29000
    7 Compressed air Pressure Mpa 0.6~0.7
    Consumption L/min 100~1000
    8 Total weight T About 14
    9 Dimension(L×W×H) Working table mm 5360×1300×2325
    Tunnel 9000×4000×3670
    10 Other Stick size (LXWXH) mm 95×10×2
    Cone size (cone large end dia. X L) mm Φ54×125
    Material of wrapping paper Composite membrane
    Width of wrapping paper mm 230

    Danxiao is a professional ice cream extrusion line manufacturer in China. In addition to ice cream extrusion production line, we also offer ice cream freezing machine, bar ice cream making machine, ice cream filling machine, and more.

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