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    Ice Cream Extrusion Machine

    SDA series ice cream extrusion line is an ice cream production system with the characters of extrusion forming, quick freezing and hardening. It is mainly applicable to large-scale production of extrusion cutting ice creams for large and medium sized companies. If assembled with different accessories, this machine can also be used for producing cone ice cream, double-layer ice cream, strip ice cream, cake ice cream and some other special-shaped ice creams. When equipped with matched manipulator, it can perform the function of coating chocolate outside the stick inserted ice cream.

    Standard configuration of SDA series ice cream extrusion production line includes product trays transport system, quick-frozen tunnel, freezing machine, wrapping machine, manipulator etc. Products entrance and exit in the front of the tunnel are connected with the working table, forming a circular transport system. The working table has some standard working stations which are suitable for installing special devices used to make different kinds of ice creams, or can be used for pressing, filling or decorating ice creams. New type manipulator device helps achieve the goal of coating chocolate. All above mentioned devices form a complete flow production line, which can complete freezing extrusion, quick-frozen hardening, manipulator nipping, unloading and automatic packing.

    The whole system adopts computer control, touch screen operation and Germany Festo pneumatic parts which make all the devices are programmable controlled. With the character of reliable operation and convenient adjustment, the ice cream extrusion machine possesses strong potential ability in new ice cream products development. In addition, the whole process is automatically finished by machinery, which eliminates the need for manual operation, thus creating favorable hygiene conditions for food production.

    Working Principle
    The extrusion device of the production line extrudes raw materials onto the products trays or fills raw materials into pre-distribution cones. Then different operating units are used for different ice cream products, like insert device, distribution device, cone-filling device, surface decorating device, jam adding and nuts spraying device. After a series of operations, trays with products will pass through the quick-frozen tunnel and then the manipulator will nip and bring ice creams out from the trays to perform the next step-coating chocolate and sending the products out after wrapping.

    As a professional ice cream extrusion production line manufacturer in China, Danxiao offers stick ice cream production line, ice cream freezing machine, bar ice cream making machine, and more.

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