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    Ice Cream Filling Machine

    Ice Cream Filling Machine


    The BGJ series ice-cream filling machine is the multifunctional filling equipment that can fill ice-cream by means of the intermittent rectilinear movement of multiple heads. It is able to produce all kinds of ice cream, including the cone type, cup type, garland and rotary type, double-color and triple color type, jam type, chocolate type and related products. The ice-cream filling machine has a manipulator that is capable of feeding cup, arrange cup, adding cover, pressing or heat sealing cover, and output, etc., This equipment adopts PLC computer, touch-screen HMI and mechanical combined control. The regulation is simple and operation can be fairly steady. Currently, this product is the ideal filling equipment in China.

    Technical Parameters
    No. Parameter Unit BGJ-4A
    1 Maximum capacity Piece/h 12000
    2 Weight of each piece g 50~250
    3 Voltage/ frequency V/Hz 380/50
    4 Total power Kw 3
    5 Air pressure Mpa ≥0.5
    6 Air consumption m3/min 3-4
    7 Dimension (L×W×H) mm 4600×1200×2200
    8 Weight Ton 2.0
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