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    Ice Cream Filling Machine

    Danxiao ice cream filling machine is a multifunctional filling machine that features intermittent-type linear movement and can simultaneously fill ice creams with multiple filling heads. It is mainly used in producing various kinds of cone ice creams, cup ice creams as well as garland and rotary ice creams. In addition, the ice cream filling machine can produce double color, triple color ice creams. Also, it can add jam and chocolate on ice creams and fill plane cutting products. Having the advantages of aesthetic appearance, easy cleaning, high efficiency and good uniformity of products, the ice cream filling machine is extensively used by medium and large ice cream companies.

    Danxiao ice cream filling machine is equipped with working stations of automatic cup falling, cup arranging, inner chocolate spraying, ice cream filling, nuts sprinkling, jam adding, chocolate dripping, garlanding, cover adding, cover pressing and discharging. We can also design special working stations according to the customers' specific requirements. This ice cream filling equipment adopts PLC computer control and touch screen operation, which runs reliably and is easy to adjust.

    As a professional ice cream filling machine manufacturer in China, Danxiao also provides ice cream extrusion production line, bar ice cream making machine, ice cream freezing machine, and more.

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