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    Wuxi Danxiao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a prominent ice cream machine manufacturer in China. Since 2000, we have been providing a vast selection of superior ice cream machines to our global customers, including our ice cream extrusion line, ice cream filling machine, ice cream freezing machine, stick ice cream production line, bar ice cream making machine, and more. The ice creams made by our products look great and taste even better.

    While improving existing products, Danxiao continue to develop new ice cream equipment so as to evolve with customers' changing needs. Backed by a proficient team of engineers who have over ten years of experience in the field, we are able to continuously bring new models of our ice cream making machinery to the market.

    Since our establishment, we have never wavered from our goal to provide high quality ice cream machines to our customers around the world. Through the use of advanced equipment (like CNC machine tools), acquisition of key components from world renowned brands, as well as the implementation of a strict quality management system, we can ensure the production of our high quality ice cream filling machine, ice cream freezing machine and ice cream bar making machine.

    At Danxiao, we have long-standing relationships with our suppliers so we can obtain top quality materials with competitive prices. In addition, the majority of the components for our ice cream machines are produced in our own factory, which allows us to save on outsourcing costs. Mass production of our ice cream equipment also lowers our cost. As a result, we can offer customers qualified ice cream machines with the best price.

    In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we back our ice cream machines with complete services, including product design, selection, installation, commissioning and operator training. Additionally, the staff at Danxiao will quickly answer any technical questions or resolve any issues you may have about our ice cream extrusion machines, stick ice cream production lines, or other products.

    If you are interested in our products or require more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

    1. Milestones
    Since our inception in the year of 2000, we never stop learning the most advanced technologies from the Europe to improve ourselves. We have already experienced the complete technical innovations for three times, and are confident that our products can meet all the requirements of our clients.

    2. Application Cases
    Our equipment has been widely adopted by the domestic ice cream manufacturers, and its good quality has been highly spoken of by our clients. The BAXY ice cream company decided to use our machine when they invested the first ice cream factory in Tianjin, after numerous research, comparison and analysis. Several years later, when they invested the second company in Shanghai, they choose to use our machine again. Many big companies in China choose to use our products, because they know our products well, and know how good the working performance of our machine is.

    3. Sales Condition
    Our machine have been exported worldwide to many countries and regions, including Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc., and have received very good feedback from our clients. Most of our customers will cooperate with us for the second time, after using the machine for many years, because of the good performance of our product and the amazing benefits the machine brought to them. Now many ice cream manufacturers around the areas we exported our product to are familiar with our brand "Runyu", and will come to us directly for the brand.

    4. Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
    Good design of machine structure, special treatment of some details, continuously improve machine quality, this could help ice cream manufacturer to get high efficiency production quality, to save ice cream material.

    5. Services
    We'll arrange technicians to go there on customer's site for installation and commissioning after machines are delivered. At the same time, we'll teach the owner how to operate the machine correctly, and will train them how to maintain and clean the machine, as well as how to solve some small problems may occurred because of the incorrect operation.

    We'll prepare some easy-wearing parts along with the delivery for customers. If other parts are needed, we have the parts in store for sale, and the customer can help him or herself to choose.

    Main Products
    • SDA-980 Ice Cream Extrusion MachineIce-cream material feeding temperature: ℃, Below -4℃
      Ice-cream discharging temperature: ℃, Below -22℃
      Refrigerating capacity (+30℃/-30℃ R404A): Kw/(Kcal/h), 140/(120000) ...
    • DTB-880 Ice Cream Extrusion MachineIce-cream material feeding temperature: ℃ Below -4℃
      Ice-cream discharging temperature: ℃ Below -22℃
      Tray , Speed: Tray /min, 15--45
      Tray, Number: piece, 808
      Pitch: mm, 62.5 ...
    • XGJ-12 Ice Cream Production LineAbove parameters are based on coating ice creams. For single color coating ice cream, the material feeding temperature should be -2℃, and the saltwater temperature should be approximately ...
    • BNJ-300B Ice Cream Freezing MachineBNJ series ice cream freezing machine is equipped with an independent refrigeration system, and adopts international famous brand semi-closed refrigeration compressor, valves and ...
    • BNJ-1000 Ice Cream Freezing MachineThe ice cream freezing machine is equipped with simple bulking control system, efficient and durable self-cleaning slurry transfer pump, and stable and dependable refrigeration...