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    Wuxi Danxiao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional ice cream machinery & production line manufacturer in China. Since our establishment in 2000, we have been specializing in a wide range of products, including ice cream extrusion production line, stick ice cream production line, ice cream freezing machine, bar ice cream making machine, and ice cream filling machine, etc. Thanks to our dedicated staff, we have received CE Certificate, Sanitary Certificate, Transmission Chain Patent Certificate, Transmission Chain Patent Certificate and our Ice Cream Extrusion Production Line has got the Inspection Report for its good performance. If you are in need of any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

    Main Products
    • DTB-880 Ice Cream Extrusion MachineIce-cream material feeding temperature: ℃ Below -4℃
      Ice-cream discharging temperature: ℃ Below -22℃
      Tray , Speed: Tray /min, 15--45
      Tray, Number: piece, 808
      Pitch: mm, 62.5 ...
    • XGJ-12 Ice Cream Production LineAbove parameters are based on coating ice creams. For single color coating ice cream, the material feeding temperature should be -2℃, and the saltwater temperature should be approximately ...
    • BNJ-300B Ice Cream Freezing MachineBNJ series ice cream freezing machine is equipped with an independent refrigeration system, and adopts international famous brand semi-closed refrigeration compressor, valves and ...
    • BNJ-1000 Ice Cream Freezing MachineThe ice cream freezing machine is equipped with simple bulking control system, efficient and durable self-cleaning slurry transfer pump, and stable and dependable refrigeration...
    • BGJ-6A Ice Cream Filling MachineShape of filling container: Cone and wrapping paper, regular-shape plastic or paper cups
      Quantity of plate on table: Piece, 30
      Total plate quantity: Piece, 64