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    As one of the leading ice cream machinery manufacturers in China, we at Danxiao strive to meet every customer's demands. Therefore, we give great attention to each detail, from product selection, design, to installation, commissioning as well as technical service. When receiving any quality problem feedback, we'll reply to it and find the best solution within the shortest period. We always do our best to satisfy our customers with superior service.

    Pre-sale service
    Offer customers great pre-sale services, such as choosing suitable model according to production capacity demands, solving the problem customers may encounter when purchasing the equipment, making reasonable quotation etc.
    Services during the sale
    Supply customers with production information, help them to know more about equipment, arrange shipment, and provide installation, commissioning, operator training and guidance.
    After-sale service
    1. Supply spare parts (except easy-wearing parts) and maintenance free of charge
    2. Assist equipment operators and maintenance personnel in solving any problems they may have
    3. Prepare needed documents for customers, provide regular inspection and lifelong service, etc.
    We welcome your suggestions and opinions on our work and service.

    Main Products
    • XGJ-12 Ice Cream Production LineAbove parameters are based on coating ice creams. For single color coating ice cream, the material feeding temperature should be -2℃, and the saltwater temperature should be approximately ...
    • BNJ-300B Ice Cream Freezing MachineBNJ series ice cream freezing machine is equipped with an independent refrigeration system, and adopts international famous brand semi-closed refrigeration compressor, valves and ...
    • BNJ-1000 Ice Cream Freezing MachineThe ice cream freezing machine is equipped with simple bulking control system, efficient and durable self-cleaning slurry transfer pump, and stable and dependable refrigeration...
    • BGJ-6A Ice Cream Filling MachineShape of filling container: Cone and wrapping paper, regular-shape plastic or paper cups
      Quantity of plate on table: Piece, 30
      Total plate quantity: Piece, 64
    • SDA-980 Ice Cream Extrusion MachineIce-cream material feeding temperature: ℃, Below -4℃
      Ice-cream discharging temperature: ℃, Below -22℃
      Refrigerating capacity (+30℃/-30℃ R404A): Kw/(Kcal/h), 140/(120000) ...